“Since working with Emily, I have been able to effortlessly move through multiple seven-figure opportunities and manifest partnerships and relationships that impact not just my business, but overall mission.”


Wall Street Journal & Forbes Featured Speaker and Best-selling Author

“Emily is the queen of RTT. She’s every business owner’s secret weapon. She helps you break out of harmful patterns that are keeping you stuck, at the same financial level year after year or just plain unhappy. Working with her will catapult you to your next level. Period.”


Founder of IHML and 7-Figure Success Coach

“There are so many people out there promising a monumental shift. Emily is a person who can legitimately say that and actually offer and deliver that. After our work together, I had an $82k launch and am on track for my first seven-figure year in my businesses.”


Del Grosso Law, Lawyer for Coaches

“The only way to describe my RTT session with Emily is to say 'it changed my life'. The joy, love and peace I've felt since the session has been above and beyond what I had expected. My confidence has tripled, I'm showing up stronger for my clients and my anxiety has 99% gone!”


Business Coach for Executive Assistants

“My RTT session with Emily has allowed me to show up with more confidence, peace and power in both business and life. If you are open and ready for a mindset breakthrough, I highly recommend working with her.”


Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, Sleep & Performance Coach, One of "Americas Top 25 Health Coaches"

Seven weeks into my Mentorship with Emily, I sold my first $2,500 coaching package and during my launch I sold two $4,000 packages! Emily helped me navigate the discomfort, extreme fear and self-doubt, that comes with starting a business, to get to a place where I can not only remember my dreams, but begin to create visions of how I want my life to be 100x beyond what I used to think was possible. I am forever grateful!


BetterUp Executive Coach

“As a budding entrepreneur, working with Emily has been instrumental in helping me clarify my business, personal brand and how I communicate my message to the world. Emily’s rare combination of empathy and strategy yields a powerful, yet love-fueled style of coaching; it’s a heart-warming hug and a kick in the pants all at once. I highly recommend Emily’s services to anyone seeking personal and professional growth. Don’t settle for less than extraordinary; Emily is the real deal!”


Strategic People & Culture Leader

“My time coaching with Emily was very special. We were introduced when I needed someone or something to push me through where I had been stuck for quite some time. During our sessions, I was forced to evaluate who I was and what that meant for me in business. She helped set up both financial and mindset goals to reach success. If I look back at how much fear I had at the beginning to my head-on approach at the end I could never have believed it myself. Emily is powerful as a coach, and I truly cherished our time together.”


Real Estate Broker Associate

“Working with Emily was the best way to finally create the business I’d wanted for several years. I was getting in my own way and Emily helped me work through the uncertainties that were holding me back. She instilled in me the confidence I needed to move forward with my offering, and then helped me create the business systems needed to actually make it happen. All the while, Emily was a joy to work with. I looked forward to our calls every week; she was supportive and kept me moving along, but was always kind, understanding and nonjudgmental. I’d recommend Emily to anyone who is ready to step into their purpose and create their own high-end business offering.”


Yoga + Human Design

“Emily was a true inspiration to me when I first started my business. The amount of time, effort, and energy she put into helping me create a program that fit my vision was remarkable. I gained so much valuable insight in how to run a business, create a marketing plan, create my website, put together my 12 week program, and so much more. I am forever grateful for everything Emily gave me, and still gives me, to help me grow into the best entrepreneur I can be. Investing in Emily as a business coach was one of the best investments I have ever made. She has made a huge difference in my life/business and has done the same for so many others as well.”


Health Coach

“Emily helped me get clear on what my vision is for my business and is quite gifted at drawing out the important details that make each one of us unique and special. Not only did she help me create a prosperous, laptop-based business, she helped me create a beautiful brand! Through our sessions together, Emily was able to distill my business and brand down to their essence. Her optimistic attitude is infectious, making for an inspiring coaching experience. I highly recommend Emily, if you are tired of muddling through the business creation process alone. Emily is the light you need to brighten the path ahead to make your business shine!”


The Portland Yoga Project

Emily has been truly an integral piece in Amana Yoga Boulder coming to fruition. Her no bullshit approach to business coaching and keeping me accountable is the exact tough-love that I need, especially because her commitment to holding me to a standard of excellence is so deeply rooted in a place of unconditional love and support. She has an incredible ability to identify and nurture your unique gifts and will relentlessly believe in and coach you until you are your greatest believer, too. Emily helped me see my potential (and reminds me when I lose my way), her magical powers will help you tap into you infinite potential. I too believe that the extraordinary life you’re dying to lead is possible. Thank you for leading the way, Emily, and I am so grateful for you!


Owner of Yoga Pearl

“I feel as though all of the weight, the blocks, the limitations, the limiting beliefs have just been released and now I am moving into a place in my life where I can thrive. I am so, so incredibly grateful.”


The Art of Authentic Confidence

“Emily is a brilliant business woman and has an amazing gift for bringing out the very best in others. During our coaching sessions together, Emily pointed out ways I can be more effective with my time (work smarter, not harder) and boost my income in innovative, creative ways. As a result, I have been able to attract my dream clientele, reach my business goals and doubled my income in a short period of time. She is always available to answer my questions and help me strategize for future success. I am looking forward to launching my next business with Emily!”


Massage Therapist



“Emily’s insight into my world has changed my life completely. Her ability to listen and understand me added to a lifeline of possibilities and is a gift beyond compare. Emily put me on track to change a lifetime’s worth of belief systems. I have hard work ahead of me, however, I now know what my potential Can Be.”



Response from a group Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session to nearly 100 CEOs and entrepreneurs:

“Wow, thank you Emily!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I feel so at peace right now. This session couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. At the beginning of my session, I could feel pain on my left side, from my legs to my arms. Then they disappeared. I’m taking that as healing symptoms. It was sooooooo good.” — R.T.

“Wow. That was awesome. Covered so much.” — A.D. 

“Sooooo good! I just re-listened to the part of the session that has the affirmations. Soooo good! I cried yesterday at the beginning before we even got into the hypnosis portion. So many things wanting to be healed & released. Feeling very grateful to Emily Rose Summersett for this beautiful gift!” — A.N.

“What a sweetheart you are Emily. Thank you so much that was amazing and beautiful.” — C.B. 

“Wow! That was amazing. I went back to 3 past lives, not this life.” — C.K. 

“Loved that!!! Feeling very peaceful and calm. Definitely feel freer! Thank you so much Emily! Lots of love to you!” — S.H. 

“Feel lighter!” — S.G. 

“Thank you Thank you Thank you. Emily big shift here. This has been huge for me with a hell of a lot of tears. I was thinking about messaging you actually to tell you. Really thank you from the bottom of my heart.” — V.C. 

“#Replay that felt so wonderful!” — D.D.

“Anyone else felt healing symptoms after the RTT session with Emily Rose Summersett?”— L.C.